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We successfully accomplished over 70 automation projects in mining. They vary in size and some of them even surpass the scope of automation, by including installation of MV up to 35kV, and supervision of mechanical works on field.


Complete Electrical Works on Spreader 8 800, Sandvik
To increase the coal production capacity, Mikro Kontrol realized the full electrical engineering, turnkey solution, for the whole Spreader, as a part of a new ECS system. The installed electrical power is 5,6MVA, voltage level is 35kV.

Scope of Work
Mikro Kontrol provided detailed and as-built design, E-houses and cabinets assembly, FATs, application software, whole electrical works, site supervision, as well as commissioning and trial operation.

  • State-of-the-art equipment and solution
  • The first machine on site as an environmental improvement project
  • Done within 24 months
  • Maximum level of reliability and availability
  • Operation and maintenance convenience
  • Integration into supervising and control system for the ECS system and the whole opencast mine
Technical Description
The main Spreader Power Supply 35kV is realized by trailing cable (with optical fibers) wound on the console cable drum with slip rings for connecting MV Switchgear power supply cables.
The basic concept for placement of electrical equipment is in E-houses (containers) on Spreader’s superstructure, substructure, intermediate unit, tripper car unit. Two operator’s cabins at the receiving and discharging boom, with ergonomic design, meet the line of sight requirement for the operator.
Belt drives, traveling drives and Discharge Boom Hoist Winch drive are powered and controlled by frequency converter system ’multi drive’, with 12-pulse rectifier with chopper and brake resistor.
The control system of the Spreader is realized with PLC and distributed I/O units. A redundant network structure is applied in optical fiber level. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is installed to provide, in case of failure, proper shut down of the control system.
Complete Electrical Works on Bucket Wheel Excavator 6600, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions
Refurbishment of 17 Mining Machines Damaged in Floods, Kolubara Open Pit Mine
Electrical Equipment Revitalization of 2 ECS Systems, Gacko Open Pit Mine
Complete Electrical System on New Stockyard on the OCM Tamnava, FAM Magdeburg
Complete Electrical System for a Portal Bridge Stacker, Dobersek Engineering, Uchquduq, Uzbekistan
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We successfully accomplished over 45 automation projects in metals.


Automation of Copper Anode Weighing and Casting System, Bor Copper Mine
The customer request was to provide refurbishment of the control system for liquid copper casting “machine”, which is at the end of the copper producing technology chain. Liquid purified copper (98%, after Pierce Smith converters) flows from the anode furnace through ladle mechanism, where the material is weighed. After casting the round cast table automatically turns to the lifting and horizontal transfer system. Mold capacity is 0,5t. In order to produce the anode plates of a particular shape, the allowable weighing fluctuation is ±2%. The whole casting cycle takes 36 sec (filling, weighing, emptying).
Scope of Work
Mikro Kontrol provided detailed and as-built design, weighing system reconstruction, drive system reconstruction, MCC and control panel manufacturing (including operator panel), application software, supervision of the electrical works at the site, as well as testing and commissioning.
  • State-of-the Art equipment and solution; the old machine was out of work for several years
  • Increasing production capacity and product quality
  • Maximum level of reliability and availability
  • Operation and maintenance convenience
  • The whole project is done within 6 months. It’s successful realization encourages customer to plan the modernization of the second casting machine.
Technical Description
The two DC drives for round cast table positioning are substituted with AC electromotor drives coupled to the same reduction gear and controlled by a “multi-drive” frequency inverter (master – follower mode). Replacement of old AC drives for the copper plate lifting mechanism is done with new AC motor-gear drives, with frequency inverters parameterized for hoisting applications.
Instead of the old weighing system, the new Load cells and measuring amplifiers are installed. The control of the filling and emptying process is realized through proportional hydraulic valves.
The positioning of the round table and it’s movement control are based on absolute encoder and a system of binary sensors mounted on table’s construction.
The control is realized by the PLC in control cabinet in electric room where MCC and LV panels are installed. The PLC is the part of the Smelter and Refinery DCS control network.
Operator control is realized with HMI and control desk mounted at the operator room location.
Automation of Copper Concentrate and Coil Conveying System, Bor Copper Mine
Blast Furnace Control System, Copper Mill Sevojno
Control and Supervising System of Technological Converter Line No. 3, US Steel Serbia Smederevo
Control and Supervising System of Iron Ore Sintering Line No. 4, US Steel
Complete electrical work on mobile conveyors H3a and H4a, HBIS
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We successfully accomplished over 65 automation projects in power.


Boiler Heating Plant Control System, Subotica Heating Plant
Mikro Kontrol did the reconstruction and adaptation of boiler room in Subotica Heating Plant, installing RHW 35 hot water boiler with capacity of 35MW, including the pipeliens.
Scope of Work
Mikro Kontrol  implemented detailed design, as-built design, control panels manufacturing, wiring and testing, cable and cable trays installation, field equipment wiring, PLC and SCADA application programming.
  • Maximum level of reliability and availability
  • Very fast system errors detection
  • Easy and efficient maintenance
Technical Description
Boiler management system (BMS) is based on fail-safe control system CPU, and designed according to international standards which regulate safety systems in process industry (IEC 61508 and IEC 61511). The BMS controls burner firing, regulates the load (by changing gas / oil – air ratio), monitors critical process parameters.
The hot water boiler 35MW is designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned according to directives which regulate pressure water-type boiler installations (ISO 12952).
The process signals are acquired through following transmitters:
  • Pressure and temperature
  • Flue gas oxygen ratio (O2)
  • Water flow at return pipeline
Flue Gas Desulphurization Control System, Yokogawa
Heat Production Plant Automation, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia
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We successfully accomplished over 35 automation projects in chemical and pharma industry.


Cellulose Nitration Plant Automation, Josef Meissner GmbH
In order to increase production capacity and product quality, as well as overall process safety, Mikro Kontrol realized complete automation of the new Nitrocellulose production process plant.

Scope of Work
Mikro Kontrol provided detailed and as-built design, DCS and MCC cabinets assembly, application software, hardware and software FAT, electrical works, site supervision, as well as commissioning and trial operation.
  • Increase of production capacity
  • improved safety
  • better end-product quality
  • maximum level of reliability and availability
  • operation and maintenance convenience
  • lower maintenance costs
Technical Description
Application software is based on Yokogawa DCS platform. Communication with all field actuators such as belt balance, valve terminals, frequency converters is achieved via fieldbus network. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as well as diesel electrical aggregate are installed to provide, in case of failure, proper shut down of the control system.
Control room provides all necessary services for monitoring and control of the plant, as well as for better maintenance and diagnostics of equipment.
All pumps in factory are powered and controlled by frequency converters or soft starters.
Firefighting system provide information for control system which has an algorithm for preventing the spread of fire.
Dosex Control System Reconstruction and Modernization, Henkel Serbia
Electrical Equipment and DCS for Phosphoric Acid Concentrate Production Line, Elixir Group
Control System for Herbicide Compounds Production, Galenika Fitofarmacija
IT System for production management and surveillance, Zorka Color
Reinstrumentation of Ethylene Factory, HIP Petrohemija
Heating Circuit Control System, NIS Gazprom Neft
Oil Bunker Station Control System, NIS Gazprom Neft
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We successfully accomplished over 60 automation projects in water and environmental.


Belgrade Water Supply SCADA System, Ebara Corporation

The Japanese government approved the donation to upgrade the supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) for the Belgrade Water Supply System.

The scope of the project was to establish a SCADA system for control and monitoring of all wells, distribution pumping stations and reservoirs, reconstruction of the 7 main distributive pump stations and renewal of the equipment for water quality analysis.

Scope of Work

Mikro Kontrol provided detailed and As-built electrical designs, delivery and installation of the whole equipment, PLC and HMI software programming, electrical mounting on all sites, as well as commissioning.

The delivered equipment included:

  •  14 server racks with belonging SCADA workstations
  • 126 new PLCs as well as around 80 existing on which applicative adaptations were made in order to connect them to the system
  • 25 touch operator panels
  • 20 chlorine analyzers
  • 26 L3 switches, 32 SHDSL routers and 149 GPRS routers


  • Maximum level of reliability and availability
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • State-of-the-art equipment and solution
  • Operation and maintenance convenience

 Technical Description

SCADA system covered 155 totally location:

  •  MCC - Main Control Center at 1 location
  • LCC - Local Control Center at 4 locations
  • Pumping stations of type A (with a local SCADA server) 14 locations
  • Pumping stations of type B (without a local SCADA server) 14 locations
  • Wells at 102 locations
  • Reservoirs at 20 locations

 The main functional tasks placed in front of the SCADA system included data acquisition, monitoring and real-time data archiving from all facilities connected to the system (around 10.000 tags), real-time control and monitoring of 102 wells and 7 main pump stations, as well as the real-time monitoring of all distributive pumping stations and reservoirs.

Control and Supervisory System of Waste Water Filtration and Sludge Separating, US Steel
Control System for Neutralization of Sulphuric Acid, RTB Bor
Sremska Mitrovica Water Supply Control System, Strabag
Ventilation and Dedusting System Reconstruction, Sevojno Copper Rolling Mill
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We successfully accomplished over 120 automation projects in food industry.


Clean-in-Place Cistern Washing Control System, Heineken
Mikro Kontrol did automation CIP system in the brewery Heineken Zajecar. Clean-in-place (CIP) is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly.

Scope of Work
Mikro Kontrol provided detailed and as-built design, cabinets assembly, application software, site supervision, as well as commissioning and trial operation.
  • Fully CIP automated process
  • Maximum level of reliability and availability
  • Operation and maintenance convenience
Technical Description
The production line consists of three tanks, pumps and valves. Tanks are cleaned with water, acid and base. There are ten different user defined procedures selected by the operator (preparation of wash solution, tanks and vessels washing).
The control system provides two modes: manual and automatic. Manual mode allows implementation of the sequences of the individual preparation of the solution and cleaning tanks and vessels.
Automatic mode involves the implementation of the production process defined by the parameters of the selected procedure.
The control system provides the visualization of the state of valve and pump, the level in the tanks, faults in the system, as well as the active steps of the program.
DCS Control System for the Continuous Cooking Mode, Sunoko Sugar Factory
Dryer Unit Monitoring System, Agreoseme, Subotica
Grain Dryer Control System, Victoria Oil
Molasses Desugarisation Process Control System, Sunoko Sugar Factory
Yeast Extract Plant Control System, Alltech
Production Plant Automation, Polimark
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Aplication Software Development for the Duo HoReCa Napkin Production line, 9. Septembar

Mikro Kontrol developed a complete algorithm for control software based on function blocks, application software for safety controller, motion controller and HMI interface, and commissioning with performance test.


  • Very reliable, fast and modern control system based on the last generation Omron NJ Motion controller platform
  • Safety protection integrated in safety controller and motion controller
  • Parallel work of transport cars, controlled by the Omron servo drives, contributing to a very large line capacity
  • Complete monitoring and parameter setting of the machine
  • Established fast and efficient communication between all parts of production line

Technical Description

Standard parts of napkin production line include: paper unwinder, printing section, emboser section, longitudinal cutting and perforation, counting and packaging head, transporting part and part for transporting to the packaging machine.

To incerease the line capacity, Mikro Kontrol designed  4 production channels. On every channel, there are 2 pairs of transport cars, driven by 4 servo motors. Internal communication of transportation cars provide very fast and efficient transport without any possibility of collision and accidents.

In addition to many drives controlled by frequency converters, production line includes 24 servo axis capable of very quick and efficient task completion.

In order to avoid channel congestion and capacity decrease, the unloading part of the transport system intermittently moves packages from these 4 channels to an exit chanel on the packaging machine.

Automation of Dual Line Dental Bib Making Machine, 9. Septembar
Automation of HST Folder Gluer Machine, Opti-Run GmbH
Automation of RCP and URB Machines for Toilet Towels Rolls Packing, STAX Technologies
Control System for Vertical and Horizontal Bronze Profiles Casting Machines, SIA KMM METAL, Latvia
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We successfully accomplished many automation projects in other industries such as Cranes, Rubber Industry, Mechatronics, HVAC ...

Modernization of Two Gantry Cranes 160/50 t, HE PP Djerdap
Mikro Kontrol did a full reconstruction and modernization of two gantry cranes, capacity of 160/50t to support hydro-mechanical equipment in individual work as well as in coupled work.

Scope of Work
Existing wound rotor motors are replaced by corresponding induction motors with squirrel cage rotor. The speed and torque are now regulated by an energy recovery multidrive frequency converter.
Control supervision of each crane is performed by a distributed PLC with appropriate operator panel, located in the operator cab. Coupled work of both cranes encompasses the load distribution in order to equalize the speed of the same drives of each crane.
  • Reliable work in both single and coupled mode
  • No portal corruption
  • The supervision and control of the load amount of each hook
  • Safety circuit implemented
  • Monitoring alarm system
  • The speed limit in relation to the position and load management driving portal in terms of drive synchronization on both sides
Technical Description
Installation of a new cable trolley provided reliable power supplies for energy recovery multidrive frequency converter, located on each crane. Thanks to use of these energy recovery frequency converters Mikro Kontrol increased the energy efficiency of the system.
When in a coupled mode, both PLCs connect with each other through the network by a wireless connection. In this mode one PLC is master and another is slave. This configuration enabled the possibility of a single control point, either a cab or a remote control unit of the master crane.
Rubber Mixer Control System Modernization, Trayal doo

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